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Virginia COVID-19 cases up to 99,189


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Map of Coronavirus cases in Virginia as of August 8, 2020. (VDH) As of Saturday, August 8, Virginia has had 99,189 total cases of COVID-19, including confirmed lab tests and clinical diagnoses, according to the Virginia Department of Health. That total reflects a 1,307 case increase in the latest report. 5 additional deaths were reported bringing the Commonwealth’s death toll to 2,322.

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On Tuesday, July 28, Gov. Northam held a live COVID-19 briefing on his social media platforms to discuss the coronavirus in Virginia . According to Northam, cases remain stable in 4 out of 5 Virginia regions. Hampton Roads, however, continues to have a steady rise in cases, where more people are gathering in crowds and not maintaining social distancing guidelines.

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Northam said that some restaurants have had their licenses revoked for violating COVID-19 guidelines since his July 14 briefing as well.

For the Hampton Roads area, an executive order was placed on Friday, July 21. The order states restaurants must close by midnight and indoor dining is only allowed at 50% capacity. There are no alcohol sales permitted after 10 p.m., and private gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited. The executive order will last for at least two to three weeks until numbers begin going down.

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On Tuesday, July 14, Gov. Northam held a COVID-19 briefing on his Facebook page urging the commonwealth to keep practicing social distancing and to follow the mask mandate. Gov. Northam said that the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia’s ABC teams will begin to conduct random visits to businesses and restaurants throughout the state to ensure that these organizations are following the latest COVID-19 guidelines. Licenses for these businesses can be revoked if they are not following the guidelines.

On Wednesday, July 1, the commonwealth moved into Phase 3 of Governor Ralph Northam’s ‘Forward Virginia’ plan for reopening, which allowed nonessential retail businesses to fully open, restaurants to fully open without bar seating, gyms to open at 75% capacity, entertainment venues to open at 50% capacity and gatherings of up to 250 people.

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State officials are basing any decisions about moving into each phase, as well as any potential fallback to previous restrictions if spikes happen, on 7-day and 14-day trends in the data.

For the past several weeks, those trends have been good news: with increasing test capacity, decreasing percentage positivity (the number of cases confirmed as a ratio of the amount of testing), and decreasing hospitalizations — though other states around the country have seen new spikes.

Most tests are PCR tests that take several days to process, and the majority of people still only get tested when symptomatic. Symptoms can take up to two weeks to develop, so test results reported each day reflect what the situation in Virginia looked like several days before. Antibody tests process results faster, but test whether someone has had the virus in the past: not necessarily if they currently have it, and their reliability is lower.

Virginia has been meeting the governor’s benchmark of steady PPE supplies and open hospital capacity for more than a month now, with 3,509 hospital beds available and no Virginia hospitals reporting any supply problems – although 2 licensed nursing facilities are reporting PPE supply problems.

The commonwealth increased from around 2,000 tests a day in late April to the 5,000 range in the start of May, and was steadily hitting around 10,000 a day by the end of May, which Dr. Karen Remley, head of Virginia’s testing task force, said was the goal for Phase 1 . Over the most recent weeks, testing has stayed in the range of around 8,000 to 15,000 a day.

The executive order requiring Virginians to wear face coverings when entering indoor businesses that went into effect across Virginia on May 29 will remain in effect indefinitely into the future. Statewide case totals and testing numbers as of August 7

By August 8, the Virginia Department of Health had received reports of 95,326 confirmed cases and 3,863 probable cases of COVID-19 across the commonwealth.

"Probable" cases are cases that were diagnosed by a doctor based on symptoms and exposure without a test – also known as clinical diagnoses.

Those positive test results are out of total tests administered in Virginia, which included 1,219,165 PCR tests and 109,468 antibody tests (The Dept. of Health announced in May that they would break testing data down by diagnostic and antibody tests .)

A lot of the testing has been conducted through health department-sponsored community testing events around the commonwealth, through which state health officials have said the goal is to get tests into areas in the most need, and those events do not turn anyone away, regardless of symptoms.

Overall, considering testing numbers and positive results, about 7.5% of Virginians who have been tested have received positive results. At the start of May, that percentage was standing steadily around 17%, but with increased testing and decreased case rates, it’s come down over time. However, some localities have higher percentages, as outlined in our “local cases” section below.

At this point, 8,332 Virginians have been hospitalized due to the disease caused by the virus, and at least 2,322 have died of causes related to the disease.

The hospitalization and death numbers are totals confirmed by the Virginia Department of Health, which are always delayed by several days due to the logistics of medical facilities reporting information to local health districts, which then report it to the state health department.

The hospitalization numbers are cumulative — they represent the total number of people hospitalized due to the disease throughout the pandemic and not the total number currently in the hospital. For current hospitalization stats, the VHHA offers more helpful data .

The state website shows a lot of detail by locality, including hospitalizations and deaths for each city or county, and are broken down by zip code here , if you want to track cases on a neighborhood level. Where are our local cases?

The department’s breakdown and location map, available to the public here , shows the number of cases confirmed each day, number of people tested, total hospitalizations, total deaths, demographic breakdowns, and testing numbers, as well as breakdowns by health district.

Here’s a breakdown of cases for our region as of 10:00 a.m. August 8. You can find the breakdown for the entire state in the chart at the bottom of this article.

Numbers sometimes decrease day to day when the health department determines that a test initially reported in one locality was actually for a resident of another city, county, or state.

Central Shenandoah Health District:

• Augusta County – 275 (+11 from Friday)

• Bath County – 4

• Buena Vista – 50

• Harrisonburg – 1,076 (+1 from Friday)

• Highland County – 6

• Lexington – 33• Rockbridge County – 67 (+1 from Friday)• Rockingham County – 938 (+5 from Friday)• Staunton – 151 (+4 from Friday)• Waynesboro – 173 (+5 from Friday)Outbreaks: 23, with 7 in long-term care facilities, 1 in a healthcare setting, 13 in congregate settings, 1 in a correctional facility, and 1 in an educational setting | 724 cases associated with outbreaksTotal tests: 34,730Local percent positive: 8%Lord Fairfax Health District:• Clarke County – 71 (+1 from Friday)• Frederick County – 680• Page County – 343 (+6 from Friday)• Shenandoah […]


We help you find makeup and fashion, models and celebrities, weight loss, movies and music, and travel article that are trending and worth your time. Our approach delivers you the best content. IT’S OK TO SHARE:

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